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Handmade by Ray Winner, this sterling silver ring is set with natural Carico Lake Turquoise and Coral.  It is accented with 14kt gold and an eagle’s head hand-carved from fossilized ivory.  This wonderful ring is layered with 5 pieces of hand-made silver.  Ray hand cuts all of his materials.

Ray has been creating beautiful jewelry since July of 1973.  He had been working as an engineer and welder in 29 Palms.  He went to a yard sale and found a tackle box containing silver wire, etc. and thought to himself, “if I can build big things, why can’t do it on a small scale.”  He went to live quietly in the desert and taught himself how to silversmith and create wearable art.  He set out to make his first pieces in a very basic way and little by little, he got better and better. When creating, he begins his pieces and then as he is working, his pieces tell him how to proceed, balancing creativity and workmanship.  Ray makes jewelry because he wants to manifest beauty.  “My creativity and art just naturally come out of me, and I believe that things that are handmade have value. I like being creative and love making jewelry.”

Native American Ray Winners Eagle Ring Silver and Gold

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